Spiced Pear Cake
Friday, September 20, 2013 at 8:36PM

Some time, you just can't judge a book by its cover. Take for example the bruised and battered pears that sat in my refrigerator for over a week. Like overly ripe bananas, they were beyond eating out of hand -- but they still had enough life left in them to bake with. Enter this lovely fall-inspired cake.....

Ripe pears are not well suited for many recipes (Bourbon poached pears are an example which come to mind), as they tend to be too soft and juicy. But like zucchini and carrots, they can add significant moistness to cakes, quick breads and muffins -- as well as some healthy sweetness.

This cake straddles the line between a quick bread and a cake, as it is both moist and has a delicate crumb. But after tasting it with the cream cheese glaze, any lingering ambiguity lifts: it is a cake. In fact, it tastes like a lightly-spiced carrot cake, only much better.  

This cake is substantial and can generously feed 16 people. But if you end up with left overs, don't fret. It stays fresh in the refrigerator for nearly a week. Just remember to bring it room temperature before serving.

In many ways, this is the perfect fall dessert: A moist, delicate cake which is loaded with fruit and lightly spiced. Why not give it a try?

The printable recipe is here.

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