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« Recipe: Quinoa with Kale and Goat Cheese »

Quinoa with Kale and Goat Cheese

Adapted from a recipe by "deensiebat", on the food52 website

Yield: 2 as a Main Dish or 4 as a Side Salad


2 cups salted water

1 cup quinoa

1 bunch lacinato kale, washed and coarsely chopped

1 meyer lemon, zested and juiced

2 scallions, finely chopped

1/4 c olive oil

3 Tbsp pine nuts (toasted, if you like)

4 oz goat cheese

salt and pepper, to taste


In a heavy gauge sauce pan, bring the salted water to a boil.  Add the quinoa, cover, and reduce heat. Simmer the quinoa for 10 minutes, then top with chopped kale. Simmer for an additional 5 minutes, and then turn off the heat.  Allow the kale to steam for an additional 5 minutes.

Fluff the cooked quinoa and kale.

In a separate bowl, make the vinaigrette by whisking together the olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest and scallions. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

If you are using the quinoa as a main course:  Add the goat cheese and pine nuts to the lemon vinaigrette. Then add the warm quinoa and kale to the mixture. Stir until well combined. Serve immediately.

If you are using the quinoa as a side salad:  Add the warm quinoa and kale mixture to the lemon vinaigrette. Stir until well combined.  Let the mixture cool.  Before serving, stir in the pine nuts and crumbled cheese.

As a variation, you can substitute baby spinach for the kale.  Because it is so delicate, there is no need to precook.