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Over the last few months, I have been in withdrawal.  Serious withdrawal.  No, not that kind of withdrawal. Tomato withdrawal.

I love fresh tomatoes.  In fact, I could (and usually do) eat them everyday.  But when winter rolls around, the pickings are slim, tasteless and outrageously expensive. (It has been particularly bad this year, with the unseasonably cold weather in the southern US and Mexico).  

I was therefore extremely happy to find tomatoes at the market which actually looked, smelled and tasted like tomatoes. 

I used the tomatoes to make a simple salad: chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions.  I dressed the salad with a meyer lemon vingrette, but honestly, a splash of olive oil would have also been delicious. 

I still long for the dog days of summer, when the field grown tomatoes are in abundant supply.  But these tomatoes, coupled with a balmy high of 74 degrees, reassured me that spring has arrived and summer is on its' way. 

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