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Friday, January 3rd, turned out to be a snow day. And it was marvelous. Too cold to go out, I spent the day in my warm apartment reading, puttering and making chicken soup.  

Luckily for me, I had a large bag of chicken bones in the freezer, which had "snow day" written all over it. It turned out that I also had a small bag of sour cherries in the freezer, which I totally forgot about!

A cup of blueberries or raspberries goes quite far when baking. A cup of sour cherries, not so much. That is, unless you make this delightful sour cream coffee cake which has a cup of cherries nestled in the batter. 

This cake is wonderful as is, but would be transcendent with fresh sour cherries. I will bare this in mind when the fleeting sour cherry season rolls around in July. But until then, I would not hesitate to make this super-moist, visually stunning cake again. 

The printable recipe is here

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