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Everyone has at least one recipe which is a tried and true stand bye. For me, that recipe is pasta with rustic tomato sauce. I love this recipe because it requires very few ingredients, minimal prep time, and is always delicious.

Depending on your taste, you can dial the heat up or down by using either sweet or hot Italian sausages.  I love spicy food, so I use hot Italian sausage as well as additional crushed red pepper flakes. When using sweet Italian sausage, fresh rosemary is a nice compliment.

When I am in a pinch for time (which is normally the case!), I like to use fresh pasta which cooks in less than 3 minutes. However, dried pasta works equally well.

A bottle of Jamesport Vineyards Syrah MKT 2007 (North Fork of Long Island) was a lovely complement to this dish on Friday night.  The wine is reviewed here

The printable recipe is here

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